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  5. "Das stimmt doch!"

"Das stimmt doch!"

Translation:That is true!

November 9, 2013



This translation fails to recognise 'doch' in my opinion. Surely 'Das stimmt' is 'That is true'. I agree with the use of 'but' or even 'however' OR putting the emphasis on 'is' as in 'That IS true' To my ear the Germans always use doch as a challenge.


I would think, "That's true, though!" would be most accurate, right?

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I'm going to try your translation when I see this one again. It makes perfect sense! [Ingot für dich!]


I would think so, too. In Swedish we can say "Det stämmer dock!" which would mean "That's true, though!" and I always thought "dock" is "doch" in German. It doesn't work, doch.


"jedoch" would be fitting, though ;)


I think "That's true though!" is the best translation of this sentence I've seen. "Doch" always has to be considered in the context of the remark. For example, at the outbreak of WW1, the Austrian Emperor uttered the words "Also doch!" Anyone care to put that into English?


I had the same opinion. My translation was: " That is true, right". I reported is so we have to wait and see.


should 'but' not be in the sentence as 'doch' is used here


Yes, you are right, the "but" is missing.


Edit: Ignore me. I was wrong. Original text kept below.

Furthermore, the that is not precesily the right word. Suggesting

But it is true

as primary translation. Whoever wanna report..


I think that is okay here, the das does not have a noun it refers to, so it is definitely a demonstrative pronoun. "it is true" would be "es ist wahr/ es stimmt".


Hm. Reasonable argumentation. I hereby withdraw my previous suggestion and pretend it never happend.


I suppose the only purpose of doch in this sentence is to add emphasis, right?


Not necessarily. It can also be to contradict a previous assumption.
Just take the case of a quiz, where your friend has to decide wheter the statue of liberty has the torch in the left or right hand. He decides right, but you are completely convinced he is wrong, and it's the left hand. Now, when reading the solution, you might shout "Oh, das [=rechts] stimmt doch", saying "oh, you were right after all".

(That just was an actual assumption of yesterdays pubquiz. And just to point out, we had the correct solution.)


Haha, thank you very much for the thorough response and the little anecdote :)

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