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Sound effects on iPad

Recently I experienced a strange behavior of sound effects in Duolingo app on my iPad. Here is the sequence of what I got:

1 - Mic was off, sound effects and speaker were on. Speaker worked while sound effects did not.

2 - I tried to:

  • force close the app through active apps menu
  • restart my iPad
  • turn the effects off and then on right away

All this did not work. Then I tried to turn the sound effects off, do a lesson, then turn them back on - this worked.

3 - I turned on the mic and the effects went away again. I tried to turn them off, do a lesson and turn them on again, and this did not work.

Any suggestions? I have to turn the mic on and off rather often and I really like the sound effects, so I would like them to work without any meddling with the settings.

I use an iPad mini, iOS 7.0.3, no jailbreak, last version of Duolingo app.

November 9, 2013



Hi olimo, the only time I was able to reproduce this scenario was when the sound alerts on my iPad were turned off or sent to vibrate. Try to turn the iPad's sound alerts off and then on. Let me know if that worked.


OMG, I feel so stupid! Indeed, sound alerts were turned off - I must have touched the Mute button in Control center by accident. Thank you, Marssy!

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