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Half a Million Users

Wow! Vay beee! I am so excited!

As of this evening (10 Ekim 2015), Duolingo's Turkish for English speakers course has reached 500,000 users! We never could have imagined growth and interest in Turkish like this, and I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to try our course.

We have made a lot of huge strides since the release of the course 6 months ago and we hope to continue making our course better and better. We are hoping to eventually expand the course, so please let your feedback be known here.

Keep questions and constructive comments coming in the discussions! Keep building relationships between cultures! And keep learning!


AlexinNotTurkey and the Turkish Team

October 6, 2015



I don't know what's better, the video you linked, or the fact that 500 thousand more people are learning Turkish!


I am glad you liked the video of me dancing in the streets :D


Tebrik ederim! You well deserve it. You guys have built a really fantastic course; well structured, highly effective at introducing new concepts, brilliant attentiveness to user queries and with a talent for clear explanations, and also genuinely amusing at times. I've been falteringly trying to speak small bits of Turkish in the shops nearby me (there is a very large Turkish community where I live), including my local 'bakkal' which I go to several times a day, and the reaction has been wonderful - enthusiasm, friendliness and large amounts of surprise. The bakkal now always tells me the price of what I'm buying in Turkish, and our exchanges, which were already friendly to begin with, have become much less superficial, even venturing so far as to have in-depth conversations about current affairs/Turkish and UK politics (this in English - I've still got a very long way to go before I can do that in Turkish!). As I live in London, I hear Turkish everywhere and I've become accustomed to being a perpetual eavesdropper.

All this to say, THANK YOU. I initially thought that the Turkish course would just be a brief dalliance for me, driven by a passing curiosity, but the language and this wonderful course have totally captured my imagination (and my nerdish grammar fetish). I'm using a lot of other resources to learn, but Duolingo Turkish is primarily responsible for making me want to stick with it for the long haul! I am already planning to spend a couple of weeks in İstanbul early next year as a reward for completing my doctoral studies, so I think I may be hooked...


Wow, that's very touching! Thanks for sharing!


What part of London do you live in? I live in London too but never hear Turkish.


In the North, basically among the biggest concentration of Turks in the UK. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_community_of_London


Congratulations! You have made such a wonderful course, I am so pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to learn this intriguing language. I am keeping my tree all shiny and bright and look forward to any future expansions.


Yay! Great! The Turkish course is as awesome as the Turkish Team! :P

-Congratulations from one of the 500K learners! ~~ XD


Yaaaaaaaay! Congratulationsssss!! :D


Çok teşekkür ederim! Here's to the next 500k learners!


Congratulations! The course is amazing.


Harika olmuş...Tebrikler! )


That's brilliant news!


Of course that figure must be the number who have ever started so the actual number of people who have completed the tree or are doing it now must be a small fraction of that. But I imagine the Duolingo marketing dept would not want to release that figure.

Given that there are over 2 million Arabs here in Turkey it would be interesting to know how many of those doing the course now are native Arabic speakers. Perhaps an academic could come up with an estimate by analysing the number of Arab names if Duolingo allowed academic access with privacy safeguards.


I can say from moderating the forums that we have quite a few :)


Cheers from one of those 500k learners straight from Brazil!


Thank you so much for creating the Turkish course. I never dreamed I would even start it, but now I am so fascinated! Tebrik ederim 500k ve çok teşekkür ederim !


Is there a way to find out how many people are finishing the trees? I am about 7/8ths done with the Turkish tree and I'm already feeling pretty accomplished and excited :) Whenever yall expand the course, I'll definitely be there. Thanks for making such an awesome course!!!


I wish there were some way! I have a feeling that we have a pretty high user retention rate compared to other courses, but I am not sure.

We are looking forward to both creating and you finishing the 2.0 version of the course!


I have a questions for you gays, what is your motivations for learning Turkish? Mybe I'll start learning it too .


Turkey is a beautiful country with an interesting culture, amazing food, and a challenging but fascinating language. Give it a try!


Living in Turkey and married to a Turk.


yay i like Turkish even if I'm not very good at it

ps.what does Saygilarimizla


"With our respect," it is the way that more than one person would finish a letter in Turkish.

A single person would write "saygılarımla"

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