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"Manden plejer at sætte kassen i køkkenet."

Translation:The man usually places the box in the kitchen.

October 6, 2015



I typed put the box and it was not accepted. WTH...


Places the box would never be used in real English. It should be puts.


Why isn't it 'puts the box '?


"plajer" sometime means use and sometime tends, i need to guess according to the sentence?


Look closer :) The options are "usually" and "tends" [to], which mean pretty much the same thing in English. Note that it's definitely not 'tends' as in taking care of something, or manning a position (e.g. tending a bar), but 'tends to' (from 'plejer at'), which refers to an activity that one usually does.


At stille, at putte, at placer, at saette - we have been given 4 ways so far of saying 'to put' or 'to place'. Are they interchangeable?

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