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[bug] The translations of words are always shown twice to me

The tootip that appears with the translation of words (in the vovabulary tab, and i think everywhere) always displays all possible translation twice (first the complete list of translations, and then the complete list of translations again).

I have an snapshot but I don't see how to attach it here right now :S

I started using Duolingo one week ago, and I am LOVING it. I am a webdeveloper so I can imagine the amount of work behind this. Great job!

November 9, 2013



Hi BerlinZgz - Thanks for the report! What browser are you using? Also, could you please share an imgur link with the screenshot.


I am using Google Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m

I have seen that this happens to me in the vocabulary tab, and for almost all words, but not for all: In these cases it happens: http://imgur.com/fqDpQ8Y http://imgur.com/sgiEYlw,4QmenD1

In this case it does not happen: http://imgur.com/sgiEYlw,4QmenD1#1

It consistent word by word (so, if a word has double transaltions, it always has them. And if a word does not present the problem, it never does). I started sudying German and advanced several lessons with the initial test, and continue from there dor a day or two. Then I decided that I wanted to do all the lessons, so I deleted German from my languages, and started over without taking the initial test.

I have a hunch that this can be the reason, since I am using a very usual browser and there are not other people saying that they have the same problem.


I have another bug and I think it could be related. It seems that this month I have lerned MORE thant in all time:

This month: http://imgur.com/jZAWPQc

All time: http://imgur.com/gxDoAFo

Please confirm that these bug reports are seen.

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