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"Han la en stein graven hennes."

Translation:He laid a stone on her grave.

October 6, 2015



What does the stone mean, and what does putting it on someone's grave mean? It seems very sad.


Apart from some idea I have about older burial sites where they actually made a mound, Google tells me that it is a Jewish custom to place a stone on the grave as a memory of your visit (as flowers are not customary, even discouraged).


As in 'A Stone for Danny Fisher' by Harold Robbins


A headstone possibly


It would be possible, but not the most natural understanding. The word legge is closer to lay down or put down than to place in this sense. To put a headstone on a grave would be "Sette opp/reise en stein/gravstøtte på graven", literally to "set up" or "raise" a headstone.


It likely goes back to stone cairn burial. It's been practiced since, well, the Stone Age, or before. Cairn is a Scottish Gaelic word, but it was practiced pretty much everywhere that Celts or Vikings went. Even some Native American tribes did it.


I have heard that putting a stone on a grave is a tradition in many Jewish communities, but is it also one in Norway (or other cultures/places of the world)?


I've never done that myself. It's more common with flowers or special candles/torches made for graves.


What would be the present tense to this verb?


Han legger en stein på graven hennes (å legge)


For audio: The stress on the word "stein" is wrong. The stress is on the "ei", not on the "ste".

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