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  5. "Eu tenho uma tartaruga."

"Eu tenho uma tartaruga."

Translation:I have a turtle.

November 9, 2013



Zombie Kid "Eu gosto de tartarugas!"


"Tortoise" is a synonym of "turtle", therefore it should be accepted as a correct translation of "tartaruga". However the so-called "correct" solutions section accepts only "turtle".


No. A tortoise is a land animal. A turtle lives in water, usually a sea turtle. Terrapins live in fresh water. Is there a distinction in Portuguese as well?


Yes, in portuguese there is this distinction. "Tartaruga" is used for the sea animal, "cágado" is used for the fresh water one and "jabuti" for the land animal.


Lol, Cagado in spanish means (I'm) pooped.


In Portuguese as well, but notice the accent mark. The accented word (cágado) = animal; no accent mark (cagado) = pooped.


Way to rub it in Duo!


Would "I have a turtle" be a correct translation as well as the "I do have a turtle" that's shown?


Both answers are correct


I am having trouble hearing Duolingo saying "um and uma" They make it sound the same and it always seems to just run into the next word. Is there somewhere else I can post this to help the confusion. Im trying to do my best and learn by sound and not reading or using hints but this confusion makes it difficult.


Sometimes you have to read, not just listen, to double-check what you hear. Every language has sounds that run together. A native speaker can usually tell the difference, but even native speakers have trouble with some of them. So first I close my eyes and just listen. Then I read to see if I heard it correctly. And I don't use the hints unless I'm not sure about it. Then I look at the hints to check my answer. I also look at the hints for new words. Sometimes a word will have more than one meaning, and you have to read the hints to learn all of them.


Usually you would learn if a word is feminine or masculin .. so in this exercise that would guide you as well in choosing which one. Try to remember more or less for the nouns you learn.


Do say tenho in different ways. Sometimes without the "t",sometimes with a t

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