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"Eu sou uma esposa excelente para ele."

Translation:I am an excellent wife for him.

November 9, 2013



I think spouse should be accepted for "esposa", if the word to translate was mulher, then ok, but here both should be fine.


Spouse should definitely be accepted. Wow!


In English for him and to him would mean different things. Which is para referring to?


Both work in my opinion, but I think "to" is the most appropriate answer, "for" could be perceived as "on his behalf" which is not the meaning of "para".


Would you please clarify the differences in meaning between 'to him' and 'for him'?


"I am an excellent wife to him" means that I do the things that he wants me to and act nicely toward him. He has expectations, and I meet them.

"I am an excellent wife for him" means I am a good match for him. We have common interests, understand each other, and enjoy spending time together.

There's a lot of overlap, but these are the shades of meaning that I pull from these different propositions in this context.


why not?: I am an excellent wife for him. The duolingo not accept


That's what I see as the correct answer.


"I am an excellent wife for him " implies that she is not married to him but considers herself to be a good candidate for the role. "I am an excellent wife to him" suggests that she is not only married to him but is a very good wife. "On his behalf" would not work in English - "I am a wife on his behalf"??? What would that mean?

  • true fact = eu sou
  • hypotetical = eu seria

In both cases, "para" is used in Portuguese.


It could be "for his sake", which does make sense but is a slightly different meaning. I wanted to write "to him" but was worried about losing a heart!


How is great accepted for "excelente" but not good? Considering how English speakers talk, I don't really understand.


"Good" is kind of a base level of positivity. "Great" and "excellent" both indicate an elevated amount of goodness... Very good, maybe even exceptionally good. So translating "excelente" as just "good" means you are losing some of the meaning.

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