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"Volevate che dicessimo la verità."

Translation:You wanted us to tell the truth.

November 9, 2013



I thought that the imperfetto of volere can simply refer to a strong wish in present tense. So this "volevate" could be simply "you want". Can someone confirm or correct? Thanks!


Can someone explain to me why it is not "You wanted us to have told the truth"?

I thought I understood that if the verb in the main clause is in the conditional present tense, that although the italian subordinate verb is in the imperfect subjunctive, in English we need the present tense. Yet here both verbs are imperfect tense, so I don't get why in English the verbs in both clauses aren't in the past tense.


There isn't conditional in the Italian sentence. Imperfect indicative (volevate) + imperfect subjunctive (che dicessimo) express contemporaneity in the past, so in English it become "you wanted us to tell the truth". Whereas "you wanted to have told the truth" expresses anteriority in the past and in Italian it is "volevate che avessimo detto la verità".


Thanks, very helpful!


'Speak the truth' is, I would argue, just as common as 'tell the truth'. Should be accepted!!


Does this sentence have other translation? For example, “You wanted that we told the truth”?


No, that doesn't work in English.


Italian word position: You (all) wanted that we told the truth. English word position: You wanted us to tell the truth.


You guys wanted that we say the truth... ...is what comes up as correction. I wonder where the guys came from?


Wouldn't, "you wished we had told the truth" be a more exact translation since it more accurately reflects the past tense.

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