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Where did the Cyrillic go?

I came on this morning to practice Ukrainian and instead of Cyrillic, I got things like this 'Ni, ne z maĭonezom.'

Is this some awful new beta thing? An error?

October 6, 2015



You can switch it back. And it now stays Cyrillic once you do so. Not one of their better ideas! Cyrillic ought to be the default of course. I suspect this will be on Russian too.


I have also text in Latin alphabet. I think that it is a new beta thing, because I see it on the all course.

EDIT: Beta on 100% - I see the switch, whose changes the Latin alphabet on the Cyryllic.


Oh, that's horrible. Thank goodness I don't appear to be in the test group for that beta!

ETA: spoke too soon. Apparently it's only on the website, though, thank goodness.

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