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Lost my wager (lingots)? But I've been here every day!

This is the 2nd time I've lost my wager when I've been here every day.. Can someone from Duolingo please get back to me on this?

November 9, 2013



I had the same problem last week.... the script for the double or nothing was stuck...... I emailed support a couple times and they took care of it... As long as you keep your streak is all that matters!


You have to earn points to continue your streak.


I think that is a given


Fair enough; just wanted to eliminate the obvious stuff.


Same issue occurred to me and I have written to the support team about it. On my seventh day of legitimate practice, my streak had unceremoniously disappeared and my wager lost. I would also like to see it restored.


same just happened to me. do not know how to fix. what do i do.

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