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On Using Unique Time Zones

As we all know, practice is crucial to mastering any skill. That's why Duolingo encourages you to maintain a streak, an achievement for reaching a particular amount of XP within a day. Initially, every user's day was unique to their time zone, and users were given the opportunity to maintain their streak as long as they reached their goal in that day. For the past few months, we've experimented with keeping certain new members on the same time zone, which meant each of these users had the same twenty-four hour period to maintain their streak. After weighing the pros and cons, we've found that keeping individual time zones provides a more natural experience and better opportunity to maintain one's streak. For this reason, we will return to maintaining the timezones for all of our members. During this transition period, we will not be penalizing anyone for missing their streak.

Of course, we understand that many of you also change time zones for various reasons while using Duolingo, and we strive to adapt to these changes. We're working on making sure that wherever you use Duolingo, your efforts are documented in your streak.

Finally, as a helpful reminder, you are welcome to change the amount of XP required to maintain your streak in your settings, found at https://www.duolingo.com/settings/coach.

Good luck with your language learning, and good luck with all of your impressive streaks!

October 6, 2015



The problem of the "Unique Time Zones" is in the way Duolingo automatically assigns these zones to users. One of the approaches to solve the problem in easy way is to allow users to set their time zones manually as they used to do on other web services or equipment (e.g. a camera, a router, a phone, etc.).


Yah, they need to allow us to manually select it. I signed up for Duolingo when I was in China, and now I'm back living in the US, so my "Duolingo day" flips over at noon. Which means I sometimes finish two days worth of streak in a single sitting, by finishing the day before around 10 or 11 am and then the next day when it flips over at noon.


If you have a smartphone, you can install the Duolingo app and it will reset your timezone (you don’t need to use the Duolingo app, just install it, connect to it once and uninstall it)


Correction: apparently it only works if you have an Android smartphone.


Ok, I was gonna say, I use the app as well quite a lot, but I have an iPhone.


That was an obvious result surely? I would think you annoyed quite a few people with that test! But at least it is being put back...

If only you would take the coach away again, that cost me my streak as soon as I turned it on.


Thanks, that would be hard to keep up with things if we were asleep at the main time zones time or something else.


Why not to add a counter that indicates how many hours and minutes you have before losing your streak? That may be useful also in case you want to use a streak freeze, and you may be sure the streak freeze was effective by checking if the deadline is correctly postponed (not sure how the streak freeze works, but I think it does something like this).


It's already there -- if you use the web interface, then the home screen has a section at the right labelled "Daily Goal" which tells you "12 day streak, 5 hours left".

Not exact to the minute but it tells you how many more hours are in your Duolingo day.


Today I lost my streak, it is strange. I thought at first I forgot to activate streak freeze. But it is marked as equipped in store. Can changing of time zone be a cause?


Interesting. There was at least 4 similar reports on the Russian forum yesterday. And you can call those "many" when we speak about activity on that forum. The streaks were lost, but the freeze is still active. The users are very frustrated.

Обнуление дней
Не сработала заморозка
Сброс ударного режима при Заморозке
"...произошла странность - обнулился нонстоп" (qwer_hi) UPD: Ooops, sorry, I did not check the nickname. It is the link to your own message.


That is weird—your profile indicates that you do have a streak freeze, and that it was purchased on 2015-09-23 22:07:04, which means your streak shouldn't possibly have expired. This may be an actual bug! I'd recommend contacting the Duolingo team.


I also lost my 725 days streak. I had streak freezer too... :(


Submit a support ticket.


This is the link that will provide more information about how to report a bug:



Thank you for this, but I would really like to disable the coach setting. I don't use it and only turned it on because it was required on the app.


The coach is no big deal. Just set your daily goal to 1xp and it will be exactly as it was before the coach was added.


Please help, I've lost my 725 days streak! I had streak freezer. I am very upset. :(


and i was feeling bad with my 113 days streak i mysteriously lost today, well before midnite!! seems you got it back though. How?


I've lost my 160 streak days! It happened between 4 and 5 a.m., but it is absolutely unfair, because I exercised manytimes later than 5 a.m. and everything was ok. Now I am very sad about my days, please help me...


So thats why i lost my streak?? Cool that you are experimenting with stuff (still this feels like weird experiment O.o) but how about to make sure we won't lose streaks? This little "useless" number is really important for mine and others motivation and i just lost my 250 number. I already write you about this and i hope you can change it back for me otherwise why even bother with streaks?


Interesting, we just had this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10875200

So the mismatch for the leaderboard remains? There are different solutions (including the existing) but the user should at least understand what happens.


Is there any way to see what time zone Duolingo is using for you? I am from New Jersey and that's where I signed up for Duolingo, but I go to university in a state that uses central time, so my clock flips over at 11:00 pm instead of midnight, and it's really annoying.


You should be able to go to https://www.duolingo.com/users/vikingmind and search for timezone_offset. For example, mine says "timezone_offset":"-0700", which indicates that I'm in UTC−07:00 (or Pacific time).


I live in Kaliningrad, Russia. Local time in Kaliningrad is 1 hour behind Moscow. But I lose my streak if I do tasks after 23.00.


Hello! I lost 37 days, but I did not miss the days. Can they be returned?


missed one day, paid for the restoration and after a couple of hours notice that once again missed the day


I just lost my 133-day streak for completing my lesson one minute past midnight in a time zone different from my usual one - where it would still be 11pm :(


Why I lost my streak? Last Saturday my exercises was counted on Sunday (it was Saturday still) by Duolingo and I`ve lost my steak. Then (two days later) it was recounted to Saturday, but my steak was not returned. Why?


Why have I lost my streak? I am always sure to be done by 23.00 - that is the deadline for me. And when I came in today it was around 21.50 - and I was told that I have missed a day. I didn't! I studied yesterday on mobile - it was around six in the evening. What happened? What do I do now? I feel completely demoralized. And I sure cannot afford to buy my streak back. Ugh.


Good evening! My nonstop mode was zeroed out, but it is mistake. Tasks were performed in mobile version DuoLingo. Can you check my result on 28.02.18?


Well, the time zone for me is off by three hours, but now I'm not sure anymore as there was also another post by you saying that you adapted it for SOME users if/when they visit the website. There is no way to check what the time is according to you, so for all I know, I'm one minute away from missing a streak: ALL OF THE TIME. Extremely stressful. Just let me choose it MANUALLY if I want to! How much of a genius do you have to be to figure THAT out??


I moved to another country, often there was no Internet access. Plus, due to the change of time zones, probably no longer appear reminder notifications in the phone. Still no notifications. The first time I lost my rating, I restored it with the help of buying duolingo plus, but still could not keep it, because of the same problems. Now I can't recover, although I have already entered the rhythm and am learning the Duo again every day. How do I contact support? I wrote in the site form, but there is no response for several days. Thanks.

P.S. Rating was more than a year, I think 380 days.


I lost my 184 days, I had a freeze, but it did not work, I was very upset(


As far as I see, you still have your 184 day streak.

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