VIDEO: Me Speaking Dutch #2 [FEEDBACK WANTED]

I made a video in Dutch about 6 months ago and since then my Dutch has maybe improved a bit, so I made a video for fun!

I know I made multiple mistakes and some of my subtitles are wrong (because I was lazy / not thinking) but if I made any speaking mistakes (which I'm SURE I did), all corrections to my pronunciation / grammar are GREATLY appreciated!

Let me know what you think! :D

3 years ago


Not really here to correct your speech, but damn that was amazing to see. I'm flemish and have no problem understanding anything you're trying to say. I also believe it's very fluent. Very well done! Thumbs up for the p*rn studio by the way

3 years ago

Thank you! That is cool to hear! Maybe I can tell people I am ~B1 now without doubting myself too much haha.

Hehe my only problem is that it is illegal to film porn in Northern California so I can't actually make use of it :( :'(

3 years ago

I could understand it perfectly! I liked the subs too ahaha

one of the things I noticed is that you pronounce 'uni' with the u as 'koekje' instead of 'muur'. Your accent sounds a little bit german-ish? but that's really common, don't worry about it :3 Did you really do this in one year? I'm very impressed!

You made a small error in your video description, you can probably find it yourself ;)

3 years ago

I showed my Dutch friend the video and she said that my German accent is "heel schattig" XD

I have been learning German 4 years and it is way better than my Dutch so I just speak with a German accent by habit... I don't really hear it.

I finished the tree in 54 days (German helped a ton with that) but I didn't learn much after that, other than solidifying grammar by hearing music.

And thanks, I'll look :D

3 years ago
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I've been told my accent is "cute" when I try to speak Dutch as well. Oh, sigh...

3 years ago

Is it 'of' instead of 'als'?

3 years ago


it's also 'zou moeten maken' instead of 'zouden moeten maken' and 'helemaal verkeerd zijn' instead of 'helemaal zijn verkeerd'

I found those just now, I must have missed them for some reason :)

3 years ago

Very good! Only one tweek... instead of "ik zou in een doos (of bos) kunnen leven"... I suggest instead of "leven" you use "wonen". They both mean "to live" but "wonen" is more like the English "to dwell" as opposed to "leven" which is drawing breath. Ik woon in een huis. Ik leef in moelijke omstandigheden.

3 years ago

I mean live like be alive not dwell

3 years ago

Well, my bad. I'm not a native speaker, so maybe some native speaker following this can clear it up for me. Here's what I learned: if it answers the question where, use wonen. If it answers the question how, use leven. Zuinig leven, gezond leven, goedkoop leven, enz. Ik leef gezond in de doos waar ik woon.

3 years ago
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