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Problems using Ukrainian on smartphone

I don't have issues using the Ukrainian language lessons on my desktop but I do when using my smartphone.

A universal problem is sound issues. I cannot hear the audio/speech but the 'dings' are way too loud. In fact, I'd like to turn that off. Is there a setting in our profiles in which we can turn that down or off? I can see when a mistake is made or when the answer is correct.

When I try to use the Ukrainian section, my Android smartphone (HTC) doesn't have the Ukrainian input (no choice for default or for adding). I had to download a 3rd party app that has a Ukrainian keyboard - it didn't have the soft sign. So, I had to download another one. I guess this issue is minor since my phone is old and I'll replace it with a non-HTC phone (there are other reasons to change brands).

Does anyone have any issues with a language and their phone - regarding keyboards etc.?

It is a inconvenience, albeit minor, to have to switch the input (keyboard) but I can use Russian (for the soft sign) or the other app.

The biggest problem is sound when using my phone. It's too loud for the dings and way too quiet for the speech audio. That goes for all the languages I have chosen.

I'm just wondering if there is a solution or something I can do.

Thanks for reading.

October 6, 2015



You can go to the settings and there turn the sound off. While on phone you can be more focused on the written part. On another side, you can be more focused on the sound at your computer.

Russian, though, has no ї. The keyboard problem you can solve by better looking up. There are a plenty of normal Ukrainian keyboards that can be downloaded.


Quality of audio recording in Ukrainian course could've been better. At this point, it is what it is.

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