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Ser vs estar

I'm confused, both mean ''to be'', but whe do you use one over the other?

Thank you

4 years ago



Ser used to describe objects, people, ideas, etc. You generally you use it describe things that are permanent. Such as, "Eres inteligente." - You are intelligent. Use estar when you want to describe how someone might feel at a particular moment or where someone is located. For example, "Estoy cansado" - I am tired or "Estoy en mi casa." - I am in my house. There are exceptions of course. The only one I know is when talking about death. For example, "He is dead," would translate to "El esta muerto," even though death is very permanent.

4 years ago

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You may want to read this: http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/serest1.htm

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4 years ago


How you feel and where you are, always use the verb estar. Otherwise, it's ser. As in with professions and descriptions.

4 years ago