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Things Bilingual People Do

I found this video and I thought the Duolingo community might appreciate it.


October 6, 2015



So true... although I never would be mean enough to teach someone the wrong word if someone asked me.

The other day we were taste testing people's chili for a chili cookoff. I would talk about the chili in French with my husband, because I didn't want the cooks to know what we were saying. I am not very strong in the French language, but it is my husband's strongest non-English language that I also can speak.

We weren't saying anything mean or anything, but I didn't really want to express my opinion about somebody's cooking in front of them if it was anything but "delicious!"

When my kids used to be stronger in sign language, I would say stuff to them in sign language that I didn't want other people to know (reminders like "say thank you", etc.). Since sign language is silent, I didn't even have to interrupt other people. They've forgotten most of it, so I don't do that any more.


Aw man it sucks when people forget languages like that.


I am hoping to have some of those bad habits eventually :P


I've seen it before, but it hasn't gotten old :)


OMG This video is so hilarious!!!!


Thanks for posting! I must become bilingual one of these days!


oh my gawd that was so freaking halarious


Haha loved that video


I'd like to add two to that list. I'm bilingual in American Sign Language and English. Sometimes I'll find myself SPEAKING in English and SIGNING in ASL! I will also find myself watching a TV show, but signing along with it (also happens sometimes with songs on the radio).

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Oh gosh - that would be so great to be able to do.


I'm being taught Spanish and French. I find if I'm in French class and my Spanish teacher comes in, I switch to Spanish almost automatically. Do you switch languages depending on context?


Nice... I'd love to be able to do those things. :-)

That said, the bit where she teaches her friend the wrong phrase reminded me of this: http://notalwaysright.com/waaay-lost-in-translation/26065


I relate to that video, the worse is when you forget words and phrases in the languages you speak. XD

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