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no resets reviewed words in Lesson Practices

I have spent some time with English > French and French >English. That was the reason that 24 skills of English > German were no longer gold.

Today I liked to update the 24 skills via Lesson Practice. I did several times the Lesson Practice, some times with only 18 or 19 correct answers and had to start again.

Many sentences that I had correctly answered I got back in the next Lesson Practices, up to five times, which Duolingo referring that some words were not seen already a month or a week. But I had used this words many times in correct sentences.

Duolingo didn't set all this words to " recent seen ", after inserting correct sentences.

Is it possible that the reviewed words in the 18 correct answers from the twenty are not reset to " words practiced " ?.

After tens correct answers i have still 24 skills 'no gold' , because i get always the same sentences to translate.



November 9, 2013


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