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  5. "Kommer mygg om kvelden?"

"Kommer mygg om kvelden?"

Translation:Do mosquitoes come in the evening?

October 7, 2015



In the Midwest, we would tend to say "come out in the evening" in this context. It probably sounds funny to others to juxtapose "out" and "in" that way, but we do it.


Added! Also, I spent 4 years in the Twin Cities, myself :)


And I'm sitting here, rejoicing that I finally know how to tell people that Minnesota has a lot of mosquitoes in the summer! xD


So, you're definitely a man who knows his skeeters!


Bloody mozzies were out yesterday evening in Sydney. Took a can of flyspray to bed as insurance.


Unntatt for tigermygg, som biter hele døgnet rundt


I hear kvelden here like "kverenn" super strange


She says "kvelden" but the tonality is wrong. She has pressure towards the last part of the word, making it sound weird.

EDIT: New robotic voice is fine.


what is the difference in norwegian between a highland midge and a mosquito. A lot of the "mygg" i saw in Norway, I would call midge in English.


"midge" is accepted as an answer (culicoides impunctatus - the highland midge, which is common in Norway near water, as it is in Scotland). I don't think we get real mosquitoes (species of anapheles or aedes) in Northern Europe.

The term "midge" is used wordwide in English speaking countries to name a host of different small flies that are not all closely related. Some bite, some don't. So "midge" means different things to different people.


Besides my midwestern self saying "come out in the evening" I also want to say 'the mosquitoes'.


Yeah, if you're talking about the local mosquitoes wherever you happen to be, you'd use "the". But this is about mosquitoes in general.


does midge have another word?

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