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  5. "Дві машини, двадцять машин"

"Дві машини, двадцять машин"

Translation:Two cars, twenty cars

October 7, 2015



It has to do with the cases. I've seen the following in other comments here, and please forgive any errors!, but this is what I've got:

1, or numbers ending in 1: nominative singular (одни рік)

2-4, or numbers ending in 2/3/4 in Ukrainian wording: nominative plural (два року)

5+, or numbers ending in 5+ in Ukrainian wording: genitive plural (шість років)

This goes by the last -word- instead of number, e.g., 24 року, not «років»

I hope this helps!


When i say numbers in these lessons in Ukrainian, the Duolingo doesn't pick it up?


Why are there different plural endings here?


I don't understand why 30 and forty cars are машин, not машини/машинів


The genitive plural of машина is машин.


Can someone please explain when to use машин, машини. I cant seem to understand what the difference is

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