"O ovo não é um vegetal."

Translation:The egg is not a vegetable.

January 5, 2013

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Honestly though, when you are speaking to a Brasileiro in person, this is how it sounds. Phrases like "o ovo" and "um ovo" naturally are confused because of their similar pronunciatons, especially when a person is speaking at a fairly quick pace. The recordings, for the most part, are pretty on point. The accent of the recording reflects the accents found in southern Brasil.


It is just that you aren't used to it.

I am a Brazillian and these words sound quite different.


the words run together. very difficult to understand 'um' and 'ovo'


yeah free is good :)...so far.


The recording of this sentence is bad.


I'm not certain, but I believe that all of the "recordings" that Duolingo uses are just the Google Translate voices--so, yes, the recording is bad, but it's Google's fault and not Duolingo's. If Duolingo provided their own custom recordings for all of their lessons and languages, they would likely not be able to remain a free service.


Yeah, well... Google, as we all know, just records their words and strings them together in each sentence you type (aka the easy way). Duolingo literally writes their own sentences, so it's not like they need to be prepared for every possible sentence. The way I see it, I think they should have just recorded their own. I never use the voice on Google translate, so I would have no idea if this is Google or not, but sometimes I really doubt that Duolingo recorded the words themselves. And by sometimes... I mean a LOT.


Yeaaah! NO more bed in the kitchen. That will be 5 stars services so no more google junks! The recording is perfect, refined just get familiar to it! :-)


"The egg is no vegetable" was not accepted, even though it felt more natural to me :(


Yup....In English it would be more natural sounding to say "An egg is not a vegetable"


Eggs are not a vegetable is accepted and is a more natural translation, in my opinion.

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    Yes, "eggs are not a vegetable" is such an awkward phrase as it switches from plural to singluar. I think that in the UK (if ever anyone actually said it) it would be more common to hear "eggs are not vegetables".


    I agree that is better or you could drop all the articles and pluralize everything, as in Eggs are not vegetables to get a sweeping generalization!


    Why is "The egg is not a green" wrong?


    The question is asking for vegetables, not just greens. If you wanted to say the egg is not a green, it would be "O ovo nao e uma verde"


    Why isn't veggie accepted?


    Funny you mention it, when I was a toddler I thought that eggs were vegetables.

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