"Der Montag ist frei."

Translation:That Monday is free.

January 5, 2013

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I would think the direct translation of "that Monday is free" would be better as in the context of checking my calendar to see if I can make plans with friends and I see that I have no other engagements that day, so it is free.


Are all days masculine in gender? What about months?


Yes, all days are masculine, and so are the months.


all the seasons are masculine too (and the weather phenomena), and the moments of the day (except die Fru:hjahr and die Nacht) or everything that defines some process that is limited in time... hope you got the ideea :)


das Frühjahr


I always struggle with gender. That was very helpful. Danke!


A good hint for the gender is the word ending, for example: since TAG is masculine , all words ending with TAG would be masculine as `well- SonnTAG, MonTAG, DiensTAG, and so on.


And, even though Woche is feminine, Mittwoch is masculine as well.


I do not understand the use of off here, is this some sort of idiom?


Yes. "I get Mondays off" means I don't have to work on Mondays. But please don't use it unless you have had some practice. If you say instead, "I get off on Mondays" you might get surprised looks. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/get+off, scroll down to "get off", see #6


That's a reasonable explanation, but the translation says "That Monday is off." and that is what I was asking about. It doesn't make sense to me


It is colloquial, as far as I know. It means I/you/we (depending on the context) don't have to work on Monday. A direct word-for-word translation doesn't work, so you'll just have to remember it... If you are uncomfortable with it, you can say equally well, " I don't have to work on Monday" and you won't come across as too formal. "That Monday is a holiday" will not usually work however, because that would mean no one needs to work on Monday. You'd say "That Monday is off" if for example you worked the night shift on Saturday and Sunday, so your boss gave you permission to stay home on Monday.


Except that the literal "That Monday is free" would be not only correct English but also common.


OK, got it. Danke


It doesn't make sense to me either, and English is my native language.


A common American statement would be "I (or we) have that Monday off" or that Monday is off would most often be taken as that Monday is unavailable which is opposite of what they are trying to convey That Monday is free would be the best answer


No, honestly, if you said "that Monday is off" in English you would mean "we are not going to do what we had planned to do on Monday". If you mean "we are off work on Monday" you need to say that. You can't use "off" in English to mean "free" all the time.


"The Monday.." is it even possible to say so?


In German, yes. In English, no.


It is possible in English...the Monday is a holiday.
-"We have a three day weekend next week?!"
-"Yes, the Monday is a holiday."
"The Monday before last was her birthday."


Nevertheless, I think a better translation would be "This Monday is free". Duolingo accepted this phrase too.


In Spanish days of the week are masculine as well


It's also possible in the first page of the first book of the Harry Potter series: "the dull, gray Tuesday..." The Tuesday. :)


What about 'Dieser Montag ist frei'?


Should be that monday is free, instead of off, that doesnt really sound right in english, and its what the literal translation means anyway.


Montag is a free day is a better way of putting it


"Monday is free " or "Monday is open " seems to make more sense.


That's a very obscure translation. It can be used with "have" or "get" but with "is"...very rare. I have Monday off, or I get Mondays off, certainly, but even with context, it would have to be a specific and rare case.


If we are referring to that monday, shouldn't the Deutsch version be Dieser Montag?


If we are referring to that monday, shouldn't the Deutsch version be Dieser Montag?

No. dieser Montag is "this" Monday, not "that" Monday (= der Montag).


Would simply 'Monday is free' work? I didn't try it, but figured to ask.


Why are some phrases literal translations, and some are inferred?

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