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Amazing tool for lære Norsk.


This free extension for chrome translates parts of the webpage or article you're reading into the language you're learning, acting as an amazing immersion tool! When you click on the translated word, it reveals the English text. I have tried it with Norwegian and it works amazingly well! It has several levels to choose from, so it's an easy form of immersion even if you're just beginning.

October 7, 2015



Personally I would not trust it. Far too often have I seen machine translation get things wrong. Very wrong.

Far better I find is to read native content and have it be translated, such as using the excellent ReadLang:


You can add a browser extension from the site so you can read native Norwegian articles on a webpage and click on words for translation and save them as flashcards. The default dictionary is a bit scarce though, but you can change to another dictionary in the settings.

I have an account with the excellent dictionary at http://www.ordnett.no which costs 40 kroner a month to use from your browser, but it is by far the best dictionary I have come across for Norwegian. It handles declensions of nouns better than most other dictionaries, often you need to put in the basic form instead or it is not recognised in other ones, and most conjugated verbs are recognised and will give you the infinitive form.

I have noticed ReadLang still brings the translation up from the default dictionary but all you need do is click on the sidebar on the right and keep it open, select dictionary, and a portion of the screen opens up with the entries of your chosen dictionary for the word. You can then edit it by clicking on the words tab in the sidebar, the top one will be the entry you just looked up and you can edit it to the appropriate translation.

ReadLang is free but there is a premium version for unlimited translations of phrases, but it seems to pull these from google translate. To bypass this you could put in the phrase, for example a prepositional phrase into google translate instead and make a note of it.

Give it a look. You will likely find it more useful. Machine translation often gives unnatural language and sometimes outright errors. I strongly recommend doing it the other way round and learn from the context of native content. ReadLang just makes it much easier.

...and I just found out this is an old thread. Came up on my suggestions as if it were new!


til læring av norsk*


Is "ing" a thing in Norwegian? I thought that was an English thing.


-ing/-ling/-ning are used to make nouns in Norwegian :)

It's, however, not used as the present participle.


So the phrase "Driving is great."

Would you use "Å kjøre er flott." or "Kjøring er flott." ?


"Det er flott å kjøre." would be preferable and more common, but if you want to be short, you can say 'kjøring er flott'.


Takk for nyttige tipset! Jeg skal prøve det senere.


What a great extension! Tusen takk! :)


This is really a good tool. The ad was annoying, because they all read their lines using the most awful American accents possible. NOT EVEN TRYING!

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