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"No hemos visto a nuestros padres desde ayer."

Translation:We have not seen our parents since yesterday.

January 5, 2013



Creepy sentence - part of a police report?? Esto no se va a terminar bien!


right, depends on the matter...if the talk is about the fathers or the parents..


Shouldn't it be "No los hemos visto a nuestros padres desde ayer"? "Our parents" is the direct object


When you have a noun direct object after the verb, there is no need for a preceding pronoun too. If you had said: A nuestros padres, no los hemos visto... that would be right. In this example, padres does not follow the verb, so you need the direct object pronoun.


This could also translate to "our fathers"


Is the a here the personal a? or is it a rule for visto?


personal a

"No he visto el programa." for comparison.


Earlier I was marked wrong for not including hace after desde in the phrase since 7 years ago = desde hace siete años pasado. In this example DL did not include hace. Why the inconsistency? Is it because of the length of time passed in "7 years" needs hace, or is DL being arbitrary again?


Hace stands in your example for ago.


Why does there need to be the word 'a' between 'visto' and 'nuestros'.


That hung me up too but it is the "personal a". From this website :http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/persa.htm -- "In Spanish, when the direct object is a person, it is preceded by the preposition "a." This word has no English translation."


When it is "I haven't seen you since a year ago" it ends in "desde hace un año" (if I remember correctly), here when it is "We have not seen our parents since yesterday" it is just "desde ayer". Why?

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