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  5. "Sengen er et viktig møbel."

"Sengen er et viktig møbel."

Translation:The bed is an important piece of furniture.

October 7, 2015



'Piece of furniture' is such a hassle to say/type, in the Netherlands 'Møbel' is 'Meubel'.


From French 'meuble', from Latin 'mobilis'.


as a native english speak, i agree. This course is showing me how much less...clunky...other germanic language are. Seems almost like english take a round-about way to say everything while the other, less french-influenced Germanic languages just get right to the point.


I think that's because of the bias inherent to the course. It's teaching you Norwegian words, whether or not they have an English counter-part.

All the Norwegian awkwardnesses are skipped over, because they don't teach you anything new.


Let’s just say that French also gets right to the point… "un meuble" = "a piece of furniture". So it seems like it’s just because English is sometimes weird :D


In Polish it's mebel


In German it's "Möbel" for plural and "Möbelstück" (in English "Furniture piece") for singular.


in English "Furniture piece

rather "piece of furniture". English uses compound nouns much less frequently than German.


You're right. I just meant that "Möbelstück" means literally "Furniture piece" if you translate it straightforward without taking care of the actual sense but I can see how that might confuse people.


That's right. But maybe we could use furnishing item or accessory to tone it down a bit. Also, I'm not quite sure if we could maybe use "furnishing" itself as a noun instead of thinking of it as a verb or adjective.


Useful to know, a "piece of furniture" is "a furnishing". Not a common word but a useful one here.


I see!! I didn't see your comment earlier. I commented something similar. Good to know that we can use it as a noun.


The english language definitely needs it's own word for møbel. In Finland we have lent the word and call it "mööpeli"


Same we do in Russia :) We use мебель(mebel').


But we use it like English: only as mass noun


"The bed is an importan furnitute" is a wrong traslation, it can't be!!!


Not a native english speaker, but I'd say it's because furniture (similarly to e.g. information) is uncountable. You gotta use 'piece of' when you are talking about one object


I feel also it shoud be correct. Why isn't it?


because furniture is only plural in English. If you need a singular form you have to say "piece of furniture".


Not plural. Uncountable.


The problem is not about furniture it is about to put an or not in the first time i wrote the bed is an important piece of furniture correct second time i put the bed is an important furniture wrong they said the bed is important furniture ////can it be without an ???????


furniture is what's known as an 'uncountable' noun. In English, it's impossible to have 'a furniture', just like it's impossible to have 'an ice' or 'a money'. You need to specify a singular amount. So 'A chunk of ice' or 'a fistful of money'. In the same way, you need to specify 'a piece of furniture'.

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Sara, this is one of those English oddities - "the bed is important furniture" is correct, & fits with what Bronzdragon says, that furniture is uncountable. But "an important furniture" is NOT right. A small distinction & I haven't explained it well, have I?


I think you explained it well.

The problem with the initial sentence is the word 'et'. This means the sentence is an indefinite singular such that the bed is AN important something. In this case the something is 'furniture'. As you, and others, have pointed out furniture is uncountable in English and needs to be qualified to become countable, and it is qualified by 'piece of'.

This is why 'The bed is an important piece of furniture' is correct, while 'The bed is an important furniture' is not.

Lykke til!


Why do you say "et viktig møbel" and not "et viktigt møbel"? The noun is neuter, so the adjective should be, too, right?


There's no '-t' added to adjectives ending with '-ig'. That's the grammar. (See also vanskelig, forskjellig, dårlig, fuktig, mulig, vanlig, etc.)


Historically even the most important one. Both bed and bedroom have an interesting history. Check out Lucy Worsley's "if walls could talk", the first episode (i think) is about bedrooms).


Hvorfor kan jeg ikke bare si "the bed is an important furniture"? Hvorfor må jeg si "piece of furniture"? Hassle!


because "furniture" in English is used as a plural and thus corresponds to "møblere". One single "møbel therefore has to be referred to as one "piece of furniture".


Why "the bed"?, don't got it. Bed in general is an important piece of furniture, or does that sentence refer to a specific one?


Because as an object (rather than a concept) 'bed' is a countable noun.


det er ikke et mobilt møbel, Mabel.


wait, if it's et møbel, why it is viktig and not viktigt


There is no "t" in the indefinite neuter form after an "-ig" ending.

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