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  5. "De peper, alsjeblieft!"

"De peper, alsjeblieft!"

Translation:The pepper, please!

October 7, 2015


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It uses to takes a while to remember such complex names. My mnemo trick is to break it down in three groups: (als-je-blieft). It's easier for me to remember this way.

[deactivated user]

    It's like French "'s'il te plaît".


    i can never spell alsjeblieft right


    Why is 'alstublieft' not accepted?


    I also do not understand why alstublieft is not accepted, especially if it also means 'if you please'? It's annoying to not be able to find the answer :( Further on in the exercises (I am doing a 'restore' again) it is almost always alstublieft?


    If it's a listening exercise you should type what you hear. Not alternatives.


    the alsjeblieft is so satisfying to be said hehe


    The 'r' in 'peper' is barely pronounced here, it sounds more like 'pepe'


    It should sound sort of like paypuh(r) so actually nearly like english paper


    How come salt is het zout but pepper is de peper?


    Some words are with het and some with de , idk why


    I have found this where it explains the usage of het and de: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3732938/Grammar-De-Het-Een but in this case I don't understand why it's de since peper is a neuter noun if I'm not wrong.


    Perhaps in case of pepper it is because now we mostly know ground pepper but it used to be peppercorn peperkorrel and it's de korrel.

    This is just a thought. It could very well be Peper on its own entered the languages first.

    Most reasons for the gender of nouns are lost.


    Why not "het peper"? I thought it was a neuter noun, as it says here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3732938/Grammar-De-Het-Een


    It's not a neuter noun.

    Note that most "rules" for whether something is a de-noun (originally a masculine or a feminine noun) or a het-noun (originally a neuter noun) aren't hard rules. They are more like guidelines or rules of thumb. It's better to just try to remember which nouns go with "het".

    If you're unsure of the gender of the noun, you can check vandale.nl.


    I still dont understand why this would be de peper and not het. The explanations make no sense to me


    Dont try to explain the articles. Have you ever learned French ?(no idea if atleast some French is mandatory in other countries. In the netherlands you get atleast 1 year. Or atleast that was always the case I think quite a bit changed right after I left)

    Did you ask (yourself or others) then why it was le and not la?

    The articles are what they are. Why is english plant not plond...


    j'ai trouvé dans le Van Dale, dictionnaire recommandé par ma professeur de néerlandais qui est elle même hollandaise, le mot écrit ainsi : alstublieft


    Alstublieft is a different word than Alsjeblieft.

    Like s'il vous plaît and s'il te plaît. Literally. The dutch terms are modeled after the French ones.

    (I can read French but my writing isn't really em fantastique... so I had to reply in english)


    Voir le commentaire precedent de Pye20.


    Is it just me or is the "de" hard to hear?

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