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  5. "You are full."

"You are full."

Translation:Siz toksunuz.

October 7, 2015



I wrote sen instead of siz nd they say its wrong but i dont understand why


Hello. You can write several correct answers but you should pay attention to concordance of the word. 1: Sen toksun 2: Toksun 3: Siz toksunuz 4: Toksunuz all answers above are correct. Tip: (Sen) in Turkish means {you(Singular)} But (Siz) means {you(Plural)} and (Siz) means {you(Singular for much more respect)} Example: When you are talking to your teacher or an old person you should use (Siz) instead of (Sen) because he/she is older than you. Good luck.


Does full mean that you ate enugh... so your stomach is full??


Same problem: the phrase 'You are full' has no sign of plural (despite of Asd's comment, 'full' is an adjective and has only one form - singular). So for 'siz' it shall be 'You all are full', and 'You are full' shall take both Sen and Siz as correct answers.


Why is this wrong "sen doludur"


For "sen" it would be "sen dolusun." But keep in mind that these are not quite the same word:

  • Dolu means "full/filled" -- the opposite of boş "empty."
  • Tok means "full" -- the opposite of "hungry."


Why is "Sen toksunuz" wrong?


Tok - full (stomach). You are full - Sen toksun (singular). You are full - Siz toksunuz (plural). You're example, "Sen toksunuz", uses the singular pronoun 'sen' with the plural word-ending '-unuz'.


So, is "I am full" translated as: "Ben doluyum"?


Dolu is a different word (but yes, that suffix is correct). You would be more likely to say "Ben tokum."


Can you say that as a question and a statement?


You would need a question particle to turn this into a question:

Sen tok musun? / Siz tok musunuz?


"You are full." Translation: Siz toksunuz.

Grammatically (plural) & polite/formal spoken Turkish to an individual. I never say this to an individual Turk. So far no one has taken offence.


Sen toksun. You are full.

Grammatically (singular) & spoken to a person well known.


Would "sen tok" also be correct?


You would still need to use a suffix, but for singular-you it would be "sen toksun."


Please fix your WRONG hints so i can get somewhere with this language!


"Hints" are system-wide, not specific to this sentence. They are also just hints -- they are not answers. If you have a question about the vocabulary or the grammar, this is the place for asking it.

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