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Students cannot advance in lessons

I have several students that cannot advance in their duolingo lessons. They are forced to do the same ones over and over without receiving xp. What is the reason they cannot go past a certain area? They are doing it for our class homework. Thanks

October 7, 2015

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The students must progress down the tree in order. Once the current topics are completely finished the next row of will become available. I am doing French, so I will refer to those lessons, but I am sure the Spanish tree is similar in design. If you are starting at the beginning of the tree you must complete all the lessons in the topic of Basics 1 (4 lessons) before Basics 2 and Phrases become available. Once those two topics are available all the lessons within both of them (5 lessons for Basics 2 and 4 lessons for Phrases) must be completed before the next row containing Food and Animals becomes available. The pattern continues from there. All the Food and Animals lessons must be completed before the Adjectives lessons become available and so on. I don't know of any other reason why the students wouldn't be able to advance, so I would ensure that the students have in fact completed all the required lessons to unlock the next row of topics.

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