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Classroom support for Duolingo learning ESL class

Hello, I am loving Duolingo in my high school ESL classroom! I have started all my Beginner-Intermediates working through it and it is working really well to support those "missed" skills that students don't have when they are immersed in a language. (i.e. basic vocabulary, phraseology, etc) However, I have a couple of students who need a little extra support and the materials I have differ slightly in the lesson sequence. I have looked at the scope and sequence provided (thank you btw) but before I start re-sequencing my lessons, I wanted to see if anyone else has tried this.

My classes are all mixed level (Beginners-Advanced in the same room) and mixed grade (9-12). Unfortunately that is the result of high school scheduling when there are less than 30 kids in a school with a population of 1000. Duolingo helps differentiate instruction so that I can spend more time with the kids and gives me an easy "homework" assignment for them to do. It is also quick so it allows them to spend time on their other content area work.

Has anyone else used this as the base of their instruction, rather than a supplement for these newcomers?

October 7, 2015



Thanks for sharing about what you're doing, MrsLFuller! We love learning about how teachers are using Duolingo. <3


I also teach ESL students and use Duolingo as the base for their language acquisition. It's a wonderful tool to help them fill in their knowledge gaps. (We also have lots of conversation practice!)


I'm trying to use it with my ESL class too and mostly it's great...except that there are a few languages that aren't supported and I'm not sure how to adjust for those students just yet (Haitian Creole, Gujarati, and Bengali). My Haitian student also speaks French pretty fluently so she's using that for now, but my other students are kind of stuck :( I'd love any suggestions!


My one Gujarati student also speaks/reads enough Hindi to use that. I do have some Arabic students who are not literate in Arabic so they are doing other things while these kids use Duolingo. I thought about using English Central which isn't bilingual, but has videos for those kids. there isn't the same emphasis on grammar though.


Hi Thank you for sharing. Are you from India?

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