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"Kvinnen har både studenter og lærere."

Translation:The woman has both students and teachers.

October 8, 2015



Check the tips and notes. "Begge" is used only when one (and only one) plural noun follows it.


It's in the Tips & Notes section for Numbers.


Tips & Notes don't seem to be accessible in the Android app, neither are the notifications. :-(


"There are two words for both in Norwegian, både and begge. Både is a conjunction and is used in constructions such as både ... og, ie. both ... and . In this case it is possible to list more than two elements. Begge is a quantifier and is used instead of alle when there are only two of something. If you need to use the word both on its own, you may use the phrase begge to, which literally means, both two."


I haven't tried it, but maybe going on the website from the chrome app will work?


In German I would have made a slight pause after saying ‘både’ and probably also set a comma there. Is both uncommon or wrong in Norwegian in this case?


This phrase makes a lot of sense

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