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Learning English from Thai

I'm teaching English in Bangkok. I would like my students to use Duolingo, and despite reading through the forums I see no way to set up my classroom for English learners without it defaulting to one of the languages I'm studying. As a CELTA teacher I prefer that everything in the course be in English as we try to avoid the use of the primary language during the learning process. Will there be an option added so we can choose the 'from' language? It would be good to be able to choose 'mixed learners' or 'english only.'

Thank you.

October 8, 2015



The students' interface will be in their "from" language by default, and there is currently no way to make the interface be in English if you are learning English. It is an interesting request, but might be tricky based on how Duolingo is set up. I'll let the team know, I can see how that would be helpful. Thanks for sharing that idea!


I don't have a answer unfortunately. I have a similar question. I want to use DuoLingo in my intensive English course stateside. We are a mixed nationality/language background class, (students from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the Ukraine, Colombia, Nicaragua... ) but Duolingo defaults to "English for Spanish speakers" when I enter English as the language I will be teaching. I have not yet used the materials or lessons, so I don't know how much this setting will impact my student's interactions with the lessons, but if possible, I would like to know if I can change this before I bring it into the classroom.


I was looking for answers to a similar question! My 20 ESL students in New York speak Romanian, Creole, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bulgarian. I think the "default" language will translate things into their default language...so if they don't offer Creole and the student has Spanish selected, all the translations will be in Spanish :/

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