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  5. "The cat belongs to the girl."

"The cat belongs to the girl."

Translation:Katten tilhører jenta.

October 8, 2015



Kan jeg bruker katten tilhører til jenta


Tilhører til = hører til til. So there's an excessive til there. Quite understandable and even common in certain dialects. But if it's accepted in Duolingo I don't know.

And I'm not even mentioning that tilhøre is unnatural when used in connection with people. Stuff belongs in places and institutions. I'd prefer Katta eies av jenta (The cat is owned by the girl) or Katta er jentas/jenta sin (The cat is the girl's)

Late edit: my better half insists he could use tilhøre as in the example. Though mostly if he wanted a certain distance to the subjects, and in formal settings.


Jenta tilhører katten


What is the difference between 'katten tilhører jenta' and 'katten er jenta sin'


As far as I understood it, "Katten tilhører jenta" = "The cat belongs to the girl" and "Katten er jenta sin" = "The cat is the girl's". Oh wait, I see now, this is also mentioned in the comment above.


Why the °a ( for translate to) is not accepted ?


You can hold down the "a" key to bring up "å: as an option, or alternatively write "aa". A is a totally different letter, but usually duolingo lets it slide. ° is not a part of speech.

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