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  5. "L'homme mange la viande."


"L'homme mange la viande."

January 5, 2013



a good translation would also be, man eats meat. 'The' is not a necessity in English.


Why isn't it "L'homme mange de la viande."? This came about 2 items after my translation of 'She eats meat.' to 'Elle mange la viande.' was marked incorrect, with the correct answer being 'Elle mange de la viande.'


"she eats meat" (without context) should be interpreted as "she eats (a piece of) meat". In French, that is the partitive case (part of = some), so to be translated with preposition DE + definite article :

she eats meat = elle mange DE LA viande

L'homme mange la viande/ the man eats the meat means that he eats the meat that is on his plate, or the one that was cooked for him or any other way of defining a specific meat as opposed to meat in general

the mean eats THE meat = l'homme mange LA viande


Thank you! So, does this mean that "She eats the meat." would be translated to ''Elle mange la viande."?


Yes, that's right.

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