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[Immersion Suggestion]: Add a "Submit this sentence for peer review" button

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I propose that Duolingo adds a button named "Submit this sentence for peer review" . It was initially suggested/asked by the user "hehahn".

This button would serve cases such as:

  • Users are confused about the meaning of a sentence;
  • There is a disagreement on the best translation (aka Edit-War);
  • A document has been in limbo for many months/weeks/days; and
  • The sentence has many corrections and upvotes, but is still marked as needing a check.

The functionality(purpose) of the button would be:

  • Once X people request a review, submit the sentence for review;
  • "Send a notification (stream) to all YYYY language learners (learning from the language XXX) about a sentence needing review for those who enabled it;
  • Maybe block further edits to that sentence until sentence is reviewed;
  • The sentence would be submitted to a special area or tab in immersion which would host all problematic sentences or alternatively a discussion would be created for it with votes for possible sentences (jrikhal's idea);
  • Users vote on best possible translation, and once it is done, the sentence is submitted back to immersion with a Certified/ Peer Reviewed Icon; and
  • Maybe high tier users votes carry more weight than lower tier.

This would be a good way of preventing/resolving Edit-wars and potentially improving the overall quality of translations in immersion.

4 years ago

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4 years ago