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  5. "Pengene rakk ikke."

"Pengene rakk ikke."

Translation:The money was not enough.

October 8, 2015



Now I know what to say to my Norwegian sugardaddy.


I might have missed it, but was the present tense of rakk introduced before? Can someone please tell me? :)


It is from the verb å rekke. rekker - rakk - har rukket - rekk


That happened to me as well. I felt lost


'Pengene rekker ikke til' is the correct expression. 'Pengene rakk ikke' is not correct, it has to be 'pengene rakk ikke til' Most people would say: 'Pengene strakk ikke til.' It means the same, that you didn't have enough money to buy what you wanted.


Does meaning does it have - that the sum of money was not big enough or that tehre was something else needed besides the money?


It would typically mean you didn't have enough money for whatever you wanted or needed to buy. Another way of saying the same: "Pengene strakk ikke til".


Google search: <aftenposten rakk> 69,400 hits, <aftenposten rakte> 17,800 hits. Therefore Louis Janus verb book quoted the least used alternative of the verb (<rakte>). Verbix 10 does the same! Duolingo seems to have fewest errors of all the language programs I have used - well done them!!


Is money, peng, always plural in Norwegian?


penger means money, always plural in bokmal, penge is a nynorsk word- penge m ‎(definite singular pengen, indefinite plural pengar, definite plural pengane)


Again, same verb, several translations? å rekke, rakk... = "to be enough, to suffice" and "to catch".... Any way to distinguish them?


If you remember that 'to catch the bus' is 'å rekke bussen' in Norwegian, then you know how to use this verb. Then you can say: I'm sorry I'm late, I didn't catch the bus.

If you didn't have enough money, you can say: 'Jeg kunne ikke kjøpe bilen, jeg hadde ikke nok penger. (I couldn't buy the car, I didn't have enough money.')


My text book gives rakte & har rakt - is this a different dialect ? ( to stretch)


In the sentence 'Pengene rakk ikke til.' the verb is å rekke = to be enough. A better sentence to understand this verb is Jeg rakk ikke bussen. Here it means to catch. It goes like this: Jeg rekker bussen, jeg rakk ikke bussen (I didn't catch the bus), jeg har rukket bussen.

Å rake, (jeg raker, jeg rakte, jeg har rakt) is quite another verb. It means to rake, to collect, gather up etc. with a rake (med en rake eller rive). To rake together the leaves = å rake sammen bladene, Jeg skal rake sammen bladene i morgen, jeg rakte alle i går, jeg har rakt alle bladene foran huset.


Oh dear. Clearly a misprint in Louis Janus' "Norwegian verbs & essentials of grammar". thanks for clarifying. Still, I've learned an extra verb which is a bonus. thank you.

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