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  5. "Forty one female students"

"Forty one female students"

Translation:Сорок одна студентка

October 8, 2015



Is it wrong to say: "Сорок один студетков" and have it mean the same?


Well, first, “студетков“ doesn't seem to be a word in Ukrainian. “студен тков“ isn't either, I think.

Also, "студентів" would be masculine. This word implies female students, so the word must be feminine also, "студентка".


Oh, sorry! Typo! Hmm, thank you! I thought studentka is only one female student, and then it becomes studentkiv afterwards, otherwise it seemed to me that sorok odin studentka meant more like "the forty first female student" rather than "forty one female students"


I can understand the confusion.

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