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  5. "Bordene er ikke nye."

"Bordene er ikke nye."

Translation:The tables are not new.

October 8, 2015



Pronunciation is not quite right. It sounds more like "boo-reh-neh", not "bor-de-ne".


That is how it would be pronounced. Silent d.


Yeah, that's what I meant. The d should be silent and 'oo' instead of 'o'.


The talka-bot is not always accurate enough to pass as a native.

There is another noun, en bord, which is a long thin piece of cloth sealing of the end of a bigger cloth or maybe hiding a seam (and often in contrasting colors as part of a pattern/decoration), I think "hem" is the English term. And it has the same decisive plural form bordene (indecisive will be border). To tell them apart (as it will not be unusual for those strips of cloth to be on a table if you do some sewing): Tables = boo-reh-neh. Hems = bårrd-e-neh (more or less like if you say "bored" a little harshly ending with a clearly pronounced d)


Yep, I though she was saying the hems to, and not talking about tables :)


What's the difference between nye and ny?


Plural. En ny ting (a new item) and flere nye ting (several new items)

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