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Translating or keeping English in Immersion articles?

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I've seen a lot of inconsistent approaches to this so I think we should agree on a general standard: If the original article contains a paragraph in English and we are supposed to translate the entire article into English, do we keep the paragraph in its original English text instead of translating it to the language the person is learning?

I prefer that English text stays as English text but I've seen some people do the opposite by inverting translations. The lack of a guideline here makes things very inconsistent.

For example, for Spanish --> English:

Hola, me llamo Bill. I really like Duolingo.


Hello, my name is Bill. I really like Duolingo.

Instead of:

Hello, my name is Bill. Me gusta mucho Duolingo.

Keeping the translated article in 100% English makes more sense to me, in my opinion.

4 years ago

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Unless the decision officially comes from Duolingo, this will continue, simply because there are no consequences for such inconsistency even if we agree to uphold it. When someone breaks it, nothing will happen. In any event, here are the immersion community guidelines:


4 years ago