A good way to think of those separable verbs in relation to English

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So, I was studying some Dutch grammar the other day and came to the separable verbs. I sighed a bit because they've given me a fair bit of trouble before, but this time I realized something.

Many of those separable verbs have a preposition stuck to them. For example, "binnenkomen," (to enter/to come in) "afwerken," (to finish off/to finalize) and "opgeven" (to give up on). And this is actually quite similar to something we do in English: "to sit down," "to come upon," "to warm up," "to dry off," etc. Now, I suppose we don't usually separate them, although I can think of a few examples like "I dry the dog off," but it was just a nice moment of realization that hey, maybe these verbs aren't so strange after all. :)

Hope this helps someone not be as scared of those tricky verbs! Happy Dutch learning!

3 years ago


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