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"Yakışıklı erkek sayısı azaldı."

Translation:The number of handsome men decreased.

October 8, 2015



So why is this not 'erkeklerin sayısı'?


İs my question too, like in the sentence ''Burada renklerin sayısı azaldı = The number of colors decreased her'' What is the difference??


Can this not be translated "The handsome man decreased his number"? I'm picturing the hypothetical context of a game show or an auction. This could even apply to haggling.


"The handsome man decreased his number": Yakışıklı adam sayısını azalttı.

  • azalmak: to decrease -intransitive
  • azaltmak: to decrease- transitive


Ah, got it. Does the extra -t- show up regularly for that kind of meaning shift? I feel like I've seen something similar in another verb, but perhaps I'm only imagining it.


The causative suffix is most often -dir (-dır -dur -dür -tir -tır -tur -tür) but sometimes shows up as -t and sometimes as -ir (-ır -ur -ür) or -er (ar) or -it (-ıt -ut -üt).

I think it usually takes the -t shape after -r or a vowel (oturmak "sit down (yourself)", oturtmak "sit someone down"; anlamak "understand", anlatmak "explain = make understand").

So "azalmak : azaltmak" may be an exception.

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