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"Yakışıklı erkek sayısı azaldı."

Translation:The number of handsome men decreased.

October 8, 2015



So why is this not 'erkeklerin sayısı'?


İs my question too, like in the sentence ''Burada renklerin sayısı azaldı = The number of colors decreased her'' What is the difference??


Bazen tamlayan sözcük gizlenebiliyor


Can this not be translated "The handsome man decreased his number"? I'm picturing the hypothetical context of a game show or an auction. This could even apply to haggling.


"The handsome man decreased his number": Yakışıklı adam sayısını azalttı.

  • azalmak: to decrease -intransitive
  • azaltmak: to decrease- transitive


Ah, got it. Does the extra -t- show up regularly for that kind of meaning shift? I feel like I've seen something similar in another verb, but perhaps I'm only imagining it.


The causative suffix is most often -dir (-dır -dur -dür -tir -tır -tur -tür) but sometimes shows up as -t and sometimes as -ir (-ır -ur -ür) or -er (ar) or -it (-ıt -ut -üt).

I think it usually takes the -t shape after -r or a vowel (oturmak "sit down (yourself)", oturtmak "sit someone down"; anlamak "understand", anlatmak "explain = make understand").

So "azalmak : azaltmak" may be an exception.

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Is this kind of past tense perceived as trustworthy when it comes to statistical facts? Like 'I saw the number decrease' but does my experience of a fact always match reality??

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