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  5. "Ist es weit?"

"Ist es weit?"

Translation:Is it far?

October 8, 2015



Is "Is it wide?" not a correct answer?

I mean, contextually there's not a lot of clues given.


weit • cognate to [ wide ]

With all the rivers in Germanic regions it makes sense that a wide river makes the far shore far away.


The word sounds like "meit". Listened four times, including slow speed. Could not make out what she was saying.


It happens to me sometimes, so I use Forvo.com to listen to natives from different regions in germany pronouncing it. Alos Collins dictionary offers good pronunciation.


I also heard "meit" but is this the right pronunciation or a recording issue?


That's actually a thing across all languages. If you see someone's mouth say "ball" but hear "doll" you'll still hear "ball." If you see someone say "weit" you'll hear "weit" but without those mouth cues you get confused. :)


I also have a lot of trouble with the way she pronounces things. Sometimes even when I have gotten it wrong, I go back and listen to it again to see if I can understand it better. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.


Far, wide, or broad should all be accepted since no context is given.


Is anyone else having trouble with the new lessons and not picking up on the recordings?


No, I've found them pretty good. But I already know a lot of the vocabulary, and I find that helps amazingly.


I do, too. It's just not recognizing what I say no matter how clearly I say it. It's not as bad today as it was yesterday right after the update, so hopefully it was just a bug.


I'm post update and still having quite a few issues with the recording


The awkward moment when you learned German for 12 years in school and know words like "die Handlungsanweisung" but never learned the word "weit"


How would you say 'how far is it?' ?


German seems to have a lot of confusingly overloaded words (weit = far and wide; dise = this and that; laufen = walk and run). Doesn't it lead to misunderstandings? Don't buy this car, buy that car!


So which one is mean to veit precisely wide,far,or long ? I got confused cause in english there are different words which refers those of them.


Does it mean far from where you are or far from somewhere else?

Edit: I just realized what a dumb question this is.


Im having trouble with "ist es" because im so used to "es ist"


When you forget, try remembering how it changes in English when you phrase a question. It is far. Is it far?


it = this so THIS should be accpeted.


I'm not getting the pronunciation of 'weit' clearly


I think it is like 'diet' in English but with a V at the beginning


what about hore?(o is amulant)


try this: http://forvo.com/word/h%C3%B6re/#de i use it all the time to check pronunciation, or even better try Collins dictionary online, it has pronunciation for almost every word.


Letter for letter your answer shows exactly what I had for the correct answer. "It is far". Explain please. This has been happening several times in the past few months. Can you explain?


Elizabeth528513. Got it correct. And that was my answer also. "Is it far".


Never mind my mistake.


I entered, "Is that wide ?" and DL marked it wrong.


Maybe because that would be "Ist das weit?" Slight difference in English in the meaning. "It" is very general. "That" is almost like pointing at something, although in a general context when the object is not present, it would be referring to a specific object just referred to. I wonder if they accept "Is that far?"


wide is also "breit"


what is wrong with it is long


In talking about distance, you can say "Is it a long way?" or "Is it far?". But, generally "Is it long?" would refer to the length of a table or a stick or something more tangible, unless you added the word "a" before it and something like "distance", "time", "way", after it. Somehow by using those words it makes "long" okay.


so you are saying it is okay to use it is long?


Only if the German that you were translating were "Ist es lang?" I think. "Ist es weit?" translates to "Is it far?"

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