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  5. "Beyaz yoğurdu ben yerim."

"Beyaz yoğurdu ben yerim."

Translation:I eat the white yogurt.

October 8, 2015



Shouldn't we follow the SOV order?? Why the object is here first? İ'm confused..


Word order is a bit more flexible in Turkish. In formal Turkish, the verb must come at the end, but other things can be shuffled around depending on stress.


So what is stressed in a sentence with this word order? I think it's I (rather than the yogurt), but I'm not sure.


Yes. I eat the white yoghurt; not someone else.


Could this also mean "I eat his/her/its white yoghurt" if "yoğurdu" now also is in possesive case?


Then you add an extra -u, with a helper -n- in between: Beyaz yoğurdunu ben yerim.


What? Why would you use both accusative and possessive? I thought "yoğurdu" means either "the yogurt" (accusative) or "yogurt" (possessive).


That's right.

Yoğurt can be: 1. subject / 2. Indefinite object (some yoghurt)

Ex. 1: Yoğurt iyi. (the yoghurt is fine.)

Ex. 2: Yoğurt yedim. (I ate some yoghurt.)

Yoğurdu can be: 3. definite object (the yoghurt) / 4. his yoghurt (subject)

Ex. 3: Yoğurdu yedim. (I ate the yoghurt.)

Ex. 4: Yoğurdu iyi. (His yoghurt is fine.)

Yoğurdunu: 5. his yoghurt (object)

Ex. 5: Yoğurdunu yedim. (I ate his yoghurt.)


Possessed objects are always definite, so if they are the object you need the accusative ending as well.


Ok ok thanks both of you :)


Ben beyaz yoğurdu yerim Is it right or wrong ? Since we are following the SOV structure but in that case they put object before subject than verb I'm confused ....


Youre sentence is correct. And the suggested sentence is like "It's me who eat the white yogurt". English is an SVO language. Then "So do I" is not an English sentence? It still is.


Is "ben" necessary?


Hello QasimAashi

"Beyaz yoğurdu yerim." I eat the white yogurt.

Is "ben" necessary?

It is not needed in the Turkish question & the English answer will remain the same.

We have modified a question being asked by Duo. Let's see if there is any push-back?

Thank you.

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