"Ich brauche eine Steckdose."

Translation:I need a power outlet.

October 9, 2015

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I think I heard that "Stecker" is commonly used? Is it region dependent?


That's the other side.

"Steckdose" is the "female" part, the socket, with two holes in it (at least in Germany); "Stecker" is the "male" part, the plug, with two prongs sticking out of it.

The "Steckdose" is on the wall, the "Stecker" at the end of a cord that is connected to your electrical device. You plug the "Stecker" into the "Steckdose".


Can we say power plug or just plug?


That's the wrong part.

"plug" is the "male" connector (it has bits sticking out of it), and is usually connected to the electrical device by a cable.

"Steckdose" (socket, power point, power outlet, whatever you want to call it) is the "female" connector (it has holes in it that the sticky-out bits of a plug go into), and they're usually mounted on a wall - though you might have an extension cord with a socket at the end as well, or a power strip which has several sockets next to each other.

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