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"Isso trará consequências graves para o processo de paz."

Translation:That will bring serious consequences to the peace process.

November 10, 2013



"That will bring grave consequences for the peace process." is the correct answer? is that even correct? my solution was/is: that will have severe consequences for the peace process


Your translation is much better than Duo's.


I also tried 'that will have grave consequences....." and reported that I thought "have consequences" is a better translation. Doesn't do any of us any good for the moment though, does it.


I agree with mr irnbru... Duo's is a literal translation so I understand where they're coming from but the correct English is surely 'to have (serious/severe) consequences'.. reported in any case.


serious, at least, is accepted. :)


I just put "serious" and it's been accepted


I put - it will bring - but was told - it - was wrong ! Why ?


I think it should also be right.


I think "severe" makes the most sense


I also had severe


"that will bring serious consequences for the process of peace" Why was my answer incorrect?


I would think your answer should have been acceptable other than the fact that the English idiomatic expression is "peace process" rather than "process of peace' which is literal, but not colloquial,


Usually Duolingo IS literal, which is why I answered the way I did. LOL Hard to second-guess sometimes. It's OK. It's not a bad thing to struggle and guess. All part of learning.


I know what you mean, I also sometimes find myself giving answers that don't feel very 'natural' but are literal, just to make sure it's accepted. We live and learn I guess.


I put "That will have serious consequences ON the peace process." I'm certain it's correct English! Flagging.


:Prepositions in any language are a challenge, and not prone to following clear rules. While "on the peace process might be technically .....not wrong..... I can't imagine saying it. "for the peace process," maybe even at a stretch "to the peace process," but never "on." Sorry. I have chosen the wrong preposition more times than I have gotten the right one.


Surely "isso" means "this" OR "that"? That's what the dictionary at wordreference.com (endorsed by my son's Italian teacher) says ...

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