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  5. "A mouse among elephants."

"A mouse among elephants."

Translation:En mus blant elefanter.

October 9, 2015



Mellom was not accepted. When would one use mellom respectivly blant:; what is the difference? Takk


The mouse is between the red and purple elephant. (distinct)

The mouse is among elephants. (not distinct)


"En mus iblant elefanter" was marked as having a typo. Is using "iblant" here wrong or should my answer be accepted?


It should be accepted, and I've added it now.

However, "blant" is the more common form. "Iblant" can also be an adverb, meaning "now and then" or "once in a while", so sticking to "blant" for the preposition might make it easier to keep them separate in your mind. :)

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