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"L'étudiante souhaite un ordinateur."

Translation:The student wishes for a computer.

October 9, 2015



In English you have to wish FOR an object (uk native speaker here). You can wish (that) you were thinner - the "that" is optional - or wish (that) it rained less in England. But you have to wish FOR better weather or wish FOR a diet to work.

The student can WANT a computer, no "for" necessary. Almost the same meaning but want has an implication of being more acquisitive and materialistic, less wistful somehow. Often used in ab idealistic way eg wishing for world peace.

You will see "want for" but it actually has a separate meaning of "to lack". Slightly old fashioned but in reasonably common usage.


You may wish UPON a star!


Why i cannot say: "The student wishes a computer"?


Maybe because 'wish for' means 'to desire' and the meaning is that the student desires a computer .. he does not do a wish! Not sure .. I'm french


Thanks for reply. I'm Russian, so I don't know either. I am learning French, i would like you not bother to write to me not in your native language))


No, I think your instinct is correct.


"The student wishes a computer." sounds better somehow.


No Learn wishes for something


I saw my mistake!

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