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  5. "Are you a student?"

"Are you a student?"

Translation:Ви студент?

October 9, 2015



What's the difference between студенти and студентка?


I don't have ukrainian keyboard.


You just need to add ukrainean language from control panel at the section of time, language and region. Then your default language and ukrainean language appear at the left bottom side of your desktop. You can switcht it from your default language and ukrainean language with your mouse. But you can also use shortcut keys "space key+windows key". Of course your keyboard is likely qwerty but you can learn where the letters are in time, believe me. Just use trial error method.


I just can't get it right


I put it in right but it says I'm wrong ... ви студент?, ти студент? Please tell me what I'm doing wrong


I think студенти it's plural


I thought ви was for plural and polite singular of second person as in French, but in this case ви студент would be wrong and had be ви студенти, it hadn't?

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