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"Her gün pasta yemek senin için iyi değil."

Translation:Eating cake every day is not good for you.

October 9, 2015



(to eat cake every day isn't good for you) was marked wrong can someone explain why this is wrong pls x


How can you tell what "senin için" is describing? I missed it because I thought it described "pasta" instead of "iyi değil." (Eating cake for you every day is not good.)


Modifiers MUST come before the things they modify. They can never ever come after. Ergo, you know automatically that it does not modify cake :)


I wrote: To eat a cake every day is not good for you. It was wrong ... Can someone please tell me why?


I agree that this answer should be correct. I think that this Turkish class doesn't have any active monitors anymore to update changes like this. I'm going to report it to see if that makes a difference in getting the attention of someone at Duolingo.


Eating = To eat. I think both are equivalent and infinitive. :)


Is pasta yemeği correct also?

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