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"Hvis du klikker programmet, oppdaterer du filene."

Translation:If you click on the program, you update the files.

October 9, 2015


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Is the second "you" really necessary here? Doesn't it make things redundant?


'You update the files' is the main clause of the sentence, and needs a pronoun as it is not an imperative. If you just said 'update the files' it would sound like a command, like if you clicked on the programme you would then have to update the files. But what it actually means is that clicking on the programme lets you update the files.


I think both languages convey the same in a fluent way. It's pretty much what I'd say in Norwegian myself (except for "clicking the program")


it is necessary. or else the part after the comma becomes a command


My app locked the question as well

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