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"O meu aniversário é em julho."

Translation:My birthday is in July.

January 5, 2013



I'm sad, because Duolingo says "anniversary" is wrong - and my golden wedding anniversary is, in fact, in July. The Owl has made me cry. Again.


Why is it neccesary to use the "o" article at the beginning of the sentence?

Can I just say "meu aniversário é em julho" ??


It's not necessary, you can drop it. If there's a possessive pronoun (in English those are possessive adjectives I believe) before the noun, the article is not necessary. If they come after the noun though (like the pronouns "dele", "dela", "deles", "delas"), the article is necessary.

You can say "Meu aniversário é em julho", but you have to say "O aniversário dela é em julho".

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Obrigada, Erudis. Sua explicação é muito útil e clara. :)


*Possessive pronouns can stand alone (The house is mine, theirs, ours, etc.) and possessive adjectives go before nouns (my, their, our, etc house)


If it does not accept anniversary, even though it is listed first when peeking, what is the word for anniversary? How can one tell the difference between anniversary and birthday if they truly use the same word?


Aniversário serves for both. I suppose Duo is being picky because when we say "Meu aniversário é em julho" the most common thing to think is that it's the birthday... If it wasn't, the person would have to clarify saying "Meu aniversário de casamento é em julho". But there are a lot of people who just says "aniversário" without specifying what it is, then the other person has to ask "Aniversário de nascimento ou de casamento?". Saying "Nosso aniversário é em julho" would help giving the clue that it's a marriage anniversary, for example (not always though). But with context, you should know what type of "aniversário" one is talking about.


xxxmx--You've got to go by context. With Duolingo, if they're referring to one person, I would go with birthday. É a mesma coisa em francês.


anniversary and birthday are both correct!


I wrote "It is my birthday in July" and was marked as incorrect - can someone more knowledgeable than me explain what I got wrong?

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"O meu aniversário" = My birthday. It is the subject of the sentence; therefore you need to put "My birthday" as your subject, at the beginning of the sentence. This one translates pretty much directly: "O meu aniversário" My birthday "é em julho" is in July.


So how would you say it is my anniversary as in my wedding anniversary?


We use aniversário for both anniversary and birthday. If you only say aniversário, everybody will think you mean birthday, unless you specify. So for wedding anniversary you need to say aniversário de casamento.

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uma resposta excelente, Erudis. :)


Ah, that makes sense, thanks!


Is the pronunciation in this Portuguese a bit off sometimes? It seems the recording is a bit choppy at times.


At normal speed he doesn't say the 'o' at the beginning, no matter how many times I listen

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