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"This is mom, and who is this?"

Translation:Це мама, а це хто?

October 9, 2015



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Which form of and do I use?

In Ukrainian, there are four words that mean and; і, та, а and й. Three of them; і, та and й are all used to link similar things, the only reason we have so many is so we can switch them around to make the language flow and sound more melodic.

  • Мама і тато - Mom and dad
  • Та я! - And me!
  • Мова й алфавіт - Language and alphabet

It's really up to you when you want to use them :)

But on the other hand, а is used to contrast between two different things. It roughly corresponds to the English whereas.

  • Мама там, а тато тут - Mom is there, and/whereas dad is here
  • Я працюю а ти танюєш - I work and/whereas you work
  • Мене звати Віктор а вас звати Вєра - My name is Victor and/whereas your name is Viera


You can't use "і" and "й" as you want. There are rules when you should use one or another.


Can you translate this please ? I don't speak Ukrainian and I think it could really help me. Thanks


Yes but in everyday speech (similar to the euphony rule, в/у), it is not compulsory.


I can't zoom in enough, and as a brand new user, I can't translate it


How do you translate on an english keyboard?


You can download the Ukrainian keyboard and if u long press the space bar there is option of change keyboard


I want to move on ,but can’t, won’t let me skip, I don’t have the letter on my keyboard


again, I don't have a keyboard that is letting me type these words properly. I type XTO and it is coming out incorrect. Any suggestions? I am willing to get a new keyboard for my lessons.


Don't worry, you don't need to buy anything! Almost any computer or smartphone has the ability to download keyboards for other languages. If you're using a computer, it's a bit of a pain because you can't see the letters on the keys, but if you use the "on-screen keyboard" that almost all computers have in their accessibility functions, you'll be able to see what you're typing.


Absolutely! I use this https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/ukrainian.htm then copy and paste to Duo, easy! And if you're using a phone there is usually a way of downloading different keyboards, I've got Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Portuguese for example (I don't know all of these languages but when I get started learning them, I'm ready hahaha)


What characters on the English keyboard correspond to "this is" in Ukrainian? The program won't let me move forward.


I am in the same mess!!!!


Why is it це and not ця?


Because it's "this is mom" and not "this mom".


I spelled this out on a english keyboard and it was correct....I put Tse mama a tse xto?


The statement dosen't match the answer unless who comes last as a sentence structure rule. Is there a rule, or should the answer end with "це хто?"


I cant write in ukrainian


Shouldn't there be audio when I click the word bubbles??? I really need help with my pronunciation!


I cannot type the Ukrainian letter for I. All I can type is R or any other Ukrainian letters. I do not have access to a keyboard that will type Cyrillic. To mark an answer incorrect because of this is unfair.


Я все змогла


How do you type this on an English keyboard?


Depends on if you’re using your phone or your computer. But you need to go to your device’s language settings to download or install the Ukrainian Cyrillic keyboard. Google will help you with the specifics of whatever device you’re using. Hope that helps a bit!


I have no way of typing this out on my QWERTY English keyboard.

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